Name: Natella extra charge
Age: 26 Dildo games (active): 20 €
Kissing with tongue: 20 €
Striptease: 10 €
Special oil massage: 20 €
Cum on body: 10 €
Facial: 30 €
Feet erotic: 10 €
Slightly fingering: 20 €
Prostata Massage: 20 €
Egg-Licking: 20 €
Facesitting: 20 €
Bra: 75 C
Clothing Size: 34
Body Size: 167
Nationality: Europe
Language: English

Service included

Change positions; Stroking and petting; on request straps and high heels; Traffic (also several times); Hand relaxation; House, hotel or office;

About me

Will you paint me a castle in the sky? You don’t need to, you should just contact me. Trust in and then the world will be fine. I am there for you and you can always count on me. We can live out your most secret wishes and love each other. I look rather good in my photo, but that is deceptive, I can be your wild cat. Experience me real as in your dreams with high heels and erotic lingerie, you know, still waters are very deep. Anyone who has ever seen me in action will never want to miss this time of eroticism again. You and me we’ll sink into a frenzy of passion. You will call me and my luscious female body YOURS in these hours. I’m being served to you on a silver tray, so to speak, and you just have to grab it, grin. You have experienced me and so I will never get out of your head again, you will dream of me with your eyes open and then you quickly pick up the phone.

With my wonderful escort lady, you can expect high-quality hours of the night, if you like, we can also meet during the day. It happens according to your will and I am ready to fulfill it for you. I also like to learn new things, why not put the champagne cold and maybe we’ll have a little something together first. You have to strengthen yourself for hours with me. Come and let us enjoy everything that life still has to offer us, the fusion of our desires, just wonderful. I wanna do things with you I wanna let my hips circle over you I want you to come, that you love it, that you appreciate what I do. And I want you to enjoy whatever I want. It is so important that I have a man in me and that I can see how good I feel for that man. You should know that I am there to conjure up pleasure on your face. And I will. With my charming and charismatic demeanor, I wrap almost everyone around my finger, and I hope you are not a glorious exception. Now that I’ve got dressed extra sexy for you, you shouldn’t ignore this. With good manners and an elegant dress, I always make sure that you can be seen with me everywhere to cause a stir. On the other hand, I consciously take care to pay attention to my attitude and to make it clear that no one will find out that you are booking me for different occasions. The bar for our dates is high, but I’m sure we will make all of our dreams come true.